Wayne County Fishing Report

Streams- The water flow at Maxwell Creek is perfect. There are browns and a few steelhead being taken by anglers fishing both sides of Lake Road. Currently, there is no ice build-up, however a few cold days predicted might change that.

The trout are hitting red beads, egg sacs and small red spoons. You can also try Kast Masters, or Little Cleos.

They have also caught browns in Bear Creek in the town of Ontario. All the streams in Wayne County are close to Lake Road, which is the Seaway Trail.

Because of the iced-over bays, stream fish is the only option for anglers.



Bays- There is just enough ice on all the bays prohibiting any boat launching. The only thing you can do is look at the embayments. We have just completed the second consecutive “no ice” fishing season.

Check out the rest of the Wayne County Tourism web page for the locations and hours of local bait and tackle shops. www.waynecountytourism.com.



Erie Canal- The canal also has just enough ice cover to stop boat launching. Just wait until we have open water …then the crappie fishing in the canal begins.