Wayne County Fishing Report

Lake Ontario-Took this fishing report from LOU, a great site for what’s going on around Lake Ontario and tribs. The “Right Tackle” boat fishes out of Sodus Bay.

“Started setting up at 10:00 in 100 fow, headed west till all the lines were in then went north. Picked up a 10 lb. King on a 4 color leadcore with a glow frog spoon shortly after getting setup. Another 10 lb. King on 30 ft. rigger in 120 fow on a greasy chicken wing 20 ft. back. Last fish was a 17 lb. laker on green flasher/ mirage fly on the bottom in 140 fow 14 ft. behind the ball. Stayed between 100-160 fow with best screens 120-140. Caught the 3 fish between 10:00 and noon, off the water at 2:00. Heard a lot of reports of lake trout catches.”

Bays- A few boats could launch at Margaretta Road in Sodus Point. They have been fishing near Newark and Eagle Island on the east side of Sodus. Some 10-inch perch were caught along with decent size pike. The perch will head-out into Lake Ontario as soon as the water warms.

Anglers were catching crappies off the Bay Bridge, the south end of Sodus. No reports from the other bays as the high water has prevented the launching of boats. It was a very difficult Memorial Day weekend for anglers.

Because of the high-water situation, the speed on the bays is still idle. It’s a Wayne County Emergency condition. There is no restriction on Lake Ontario.

Both the north and south DEC ramps at Port Bay are still closed. Again, the speed limit on all bays is idle.

Check out the rest of the Wayne County Tourism web page for the locations and hours of local bait and tackle shops. www.waynecountytourism.com.


Erie Canal- There were boats in canal waters near Widewaters on Sunday. The catch would be panfish, however when bass season opens in three weeks, the canal is known to produce some hefty largemouth bass.