Wayne County Fishing Report

Lake Ontario-The browns are still hugging the shoreline between Bear Creek and Port Bay. You’ll need to be on the water at 5 am to capture the first bite.

Look for dirty water and temp. breaks. The stained water will hold the fish. If you see a flock of gulls hovering a certain location, troll through that area.

Stickbaits with natural colors are working in 10 feet of water. Charters are using both boards and riggers. The sticks are set at 100 feet behind boards.

Some of the browns are running 10 pounds and all the fish have some of the best colors seen in years.

Later in the day you can slide-out to 150 feet of water with the same set-up. Or fish the bottom for lakers.

Because of the high-water situation, the speed on the bays is idle. It’s a Wayne County Emergency condition. There is no restriction on Lake Ontario.

Both the north and south DEC ramps at Port Bay are now closed. Again, the speed limit on all bays is idle.

Bays- The water levels in all the bays is extremely high. Unconfirmed reports say there should be a draw-down occurring this week. Fishing the bays is tough because of very few places to launch.

Check out the rest of the Wayne County Tourism web page for the locations and hours of local bait and tackle shops. www.waynecountytourism.com.


Erie Canal- Canal waters are high, however not as bad as Wayne County bays. You can launch your boat at Widewaters, west of Newark. The crappies are hitting and some walleye have come from the Palmyra section.