Wayne County Fishing Report

Streams – Stream fishing was great this past weekend with steelies coming from Maxwell Creek. Rainfall won’t be as bad as predicted, however the streams will be flowing.

The best place for Maxwell might be the northern section where the current is slower. There is plenty of parking on both sides of Lake Road. Egg sacs are the best presentation for the steelhead.

Bays – Sodus Bay has 8 to 10 inches of ice, however temps in the 60s plus rain will eat away solid ice. Stay away from the creeks and don’t even try to fish near open water near the loop. The south end is still safe… but again… that can change quickly.

If you are not confident about where you haul your shanty, don’t fish. Breaking through ice can be a major problem and often fatal for ice anglers.

Where the ice is solid, the perch fishing continues to be excellent with catches of over a pound coming through the holes.

Use Swedish Pimples and larger jigs tipped with eyes and spikes.

Port Bay has the same situation. Rain and temps in the 60s will melt ice quickly. Make sure you spud your way if not sure on thickness.

Remember, as ice anglers you are visiting the bays, so don’t trespass on land where you don’t have permission to park. And don’t leave stuff on the ice, like propane tanks. Make sure you respect where you are because the hospitality given to ice anglers can end quickly.

Wayne County has an ice fishing guide, which gives you the basics of fishing on our bays. Contact the tourism office if you would like the brochure.

Check out the rest of the Wayne County Tourism web page for the locations and hours of local bait and tackle shops. www.waynecountytourism.com.

Erie Canal – Widewaters ice is still thick and they are catching plenty of panfish.

This report was written on February 20, 2018 by Chris Kenyon of Wolcott, NY, a regular columnist with the Finger Lakes Times, Sun and Record, Lake Ontario Outdoors and freelance writer with other publications, as well as Recreational Promotional Coordinator for Wayne County Tourism. Chris assists with the Wayne County Youth Derby and other outdoor events. He also takes time to work with the Montezuma Audobon Center on programs involving kids, including their Youth Pheasant Hunt. He is a constant presence at sportsmen’s events, shows, and anything involving the outdoors. Kenyon is a tireless advocate for enjoying the outdoors, preserving the environment, and sharing knowledge and skills.