Wayne County Fishing Report

Streams- It’s the last day of January and the stream fishing is darn good. It better be because that’s all we have…no ice on bays.

Maxwell and Bear Creek have some brown trout action with a nice five pound BT coming from Bear. The brown hit a bucktail jig (how about that).

The steelhead are hitting in Maxwell. Anglers are using beads and egg sacs. If you need bait stop by B-E Fishing in Ontario or Bay Bridge at the south end of Sodus Bay.

The recent snow fall was fluffy so that hasn’t hurt the shoreline of Maxwell. The flow is slower at the north side of Lake Road.

Bays- There is no safe ice on any bays or ponds in Wayne County. Don’t even try. It may appear to be thick, however it’s not.

I wrote the above last week, however it’s the same this week. Stay-off the ice.

There might some good news with temps hovering below 30 during the day and registering a cold 15 to 20 at night. If this keeps-up, we might be on the ice this weekend. Port and Sodus Bays have iced-over in certain locations. It’s like “starting all over again.” That could be a country music title!

If we get on the ice, make sure you spud your way out or follow the crowds. Don’t take chances.

Check out the rest of the Wayne County Tourism web page for the locations and hours of local bait and tackle shops. www.waynecountytourism.com.


We have a brand-new Wayne County Fishing Brochure. This publication features where to go, what to use, and what to catch. Call our office for a free fishing packet, including the new brochure. 1-800-527-6510. We also have a new publication on Great Lakes fishing.


Erie Canal- The canal is frozen but we don’t know the thickness. Wait for this weekend. Fish on Sunday. You don’t want to watch football anyway.