Wayne County Fishing Report

Lake Ontario- Currently the mudlines are out about 200 yards, however that can change in a few hours. The spring fishing for browns has been exciting with fish coming west of Sodus Bay and east of Port Bay.

The Port Bay channel is open with water pushing out into the lake, so that’s a good place to troll for trout. The usual stickbaits are working, especially the Rapalas.

Yesterday the air temps hit 80 degrees with water temperatures around 42 degrees. Look for the temp breaks and fish the stained water. Browns west of Sodus are between 5 and 10 pounds.

Streams- There are hold-over browns in Maxwell Creek, however they will be heading out in the lake very shortly. The water flow is still good if you enjoy stream fishing. No word on the steelies, but they are probably heading for the lake.

Bays- Perch are hitting in 10 to 15 feet of water over by Arney’s Marina on the south shoreline. They are hitting spikes.

Bullhead and crappies are being caught at Bay Bridge, on the south end of Sodus. You can also safely launch a boat at Bay Bridge Sport Shop.

Spring is here, however remember you need to wear your PFD while in a boat. The water temperature in the bays is in the 40’s so don’t take any changes.

There is a decent launch site at the south end of Port Bay. The DEC docks are not in yet, so be careful. The anglers I have talked to are fishing up the creek for bullheads, however the crappies are also hitting on the south-east part of the bay. Crappies are suspended and will hit bright small jigs.

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Erie Canal- The bass boats were fishing the Widewaters on Sunday morning. They were probably targeting pan fish.