Salmon River

The 17-mile-long Salmon River starts with gravel riffs and pools before giving way to bedrock and boulders before entering Lake Ontario. World-class fishing for numerous species is available on the Salmon River, which is renowned as one of North America’s most phenomenal salmonid fisheries.

As a premier fly-fishing destination, two sections of the Salmon River, comprising nearly one mile, are designated as catch-and-release fly fishing areas. Atlantic salmon run the river from June through mid-August, while massive runs of Chinook and Coho salmon peak in September and October. Steelheads storm the river in September and October, but are stocked through June and July as well. Drift boat and bank guides are available to help create an amazing fishing experience.

At times almost breathtaking, the Salmon River is one of North America’s most spectacular salmonid fisheries. Thousands of trophy Chinook and coho salmon, steelhead, rainbows and brown trout run its length each year. It flows for 17 miles among forests and fields, along country roads, and through the villages of Altmar and Pulaski and the hamlet of Port Ontario. Gravel riffs and pools in its upper portion give way to bedrock and boulders in the lower reaches, before it glides through the still waters of a mile-long, marshy estuary and enters Lake Ontario.

A float trip on the Salmon River is a great way to enjoy the river’s world-class fishing and experience its special character. Because of hydropower releases, the upper sections of the Salmon River remain ice free, even in the most bitter winter weather. Winter is a great time to enjoy steelheading in uncrowded, picturesque conditions.

Popular Fish in This Region:

Atlantic Salmon – Chinook Salmon – Coho Salmon – Brown Trout – Rainbow Trout – Steelhead – Large and smallmouth Bass – Walleye – Black Crappie – Panfish