Oswego County Fishing Report

This report courtesy of the Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning and was written on January 4, 2018.

Oswego River report

The river flow continued to be up and down over the last few days running between 3,800 and 7,200cfs. This morning it is running at 5,560cfs. The weather has been harsh this week with cold temperatures, bitter wind chills and more snow. There has not been much to report from the river. Temperatures will be extremely cold through Saturday but the forecast is showing some moderation as we go into early next week. As this happens look for steelhead and rainbows throughout the river.

Notice: The bridge to Leto Island is closed, and there are mandatory personal flotation device (PFD) zones on the river. For more information, view the Brookfield Varick Fish Safely Brochure below.

Click here for the Brookfield Varick Fish Safely Brochure

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Salmon River report:

According to the Douglaston Salmon Run:

We had several anglers fish the run yesterday afternoon but I was only able to talk with one guest who fished for a couple of hours. He reported that he only had one on and one off. He indicated that the conditions were “pretty rough down there” with quite a bit of slush and shelf ice. It will be bitterly cold the next couple of days with some reprieve expected early next week. The water remains at 500cfs at the reservoir and 680cfs at Pineville.

According to Whitaker’s Sport Shop & Motel:

The weather will remain decent today but then we will have extremely cold temperatures over the next couple of days. Shelf ice and slush ice have been a factor in the lower end of the river but have not been a problem in the upper end of the river between Altmar and Pineville. The few anglers we spoke with have been getting into some fish in the Lower Fly Zone with nymphs producing the best results. Anglers are also having some success bottom bouncing or float fishing with egg sacs in the deeper holes in the upper end of the river.

Click here for the current water flow.

Oneida Lake report:

The recent cold temperatures have made for some good ice on Oneida Lake. There is 7 to 12+ inches of ice in various areas but anglers are finding some pressure cracks so as always use caution. The forecast is also calling for 30 mph winds through Friday night when they will begin to subside somewhat. Anglers are reporting some nice perch catches as well as a decent walleye bite.

Sandy Pond report:

According to Woody’s Tackle:

The ice fishing season is definitely underway on the pond. With these cold temperatures we currently have 7 to 12 inches of ice. Anglers have been finding walleye, perch and Northern pike.