Orleans County Fishing Report for September 18, 2018

This week’s LAKE fishing report is from Capt. John Oravec of Tightlines Charters, September 18, 2018.

Well, the weather for many of the fishing action has been wonderful this week! The in-shore ledge and shallow flats action has typically slowed for the big fatties under clear water calm conditions. There are a few matures in the mud-line area in the estuary and up the Oak Orchard River to the Waterport Dam. Most of the hookups at the river mouth are low light morning flurries by trollers using bright J-plugins silver bullet and various glow patterns. Don’t forget the venerable J -13 rapala, Rattle Trap and Crocodile spoons for flatlining. Please remember the big majors run extra long when hooked in the shallows so be careful leaving the channel. Also, when trolling the flats, move away when someone hooks up and keep your planer board close to the boat. They will still give you an edge.

Because of the stable calm weather, a large gang of trollers have located a strong down temp break/alewife raft schooling silver fish over 300 to 400 ft of water and WOW! By fishing a north/south troll pattern with rigs at 35 to 70 feet we found crazy king/steelhead action with the best steelhead action of the year! The fleet is widespread west to east, uncrowded, so when you find a hot spot circle back, play with speed and direction and watch your rods fly! Most of the kings are skips to low teenager class. The steelhead show plenty of 22″-25″ keepers but its the 7 to 11 pounders that are ripping up the surface. Just tons of fun! Some charters have returned to running spoon sliders with fast action results of 30 hit mornings and early limit boxes.

One important note: please cull your catch releasing smaller size fish. Those 1 to 5 pounders are the next years tackle breakers!! I don’t see this mid-water 300 to 400 ft fishery moving much but please remember its mid September with cold fronts and hurricane remnants frequently passing with windy conditions. Stay in a group, have updated forecasts and at the hint of incoming weather and wind, pull rods and boogie to the inshore waters and try there or call it a day. Upcoming windy, wavy rainy weather is forecast this late week and that combination will stir sulking matures for good big fish action close to the Oak’s Harbor mouth. Count on it!

“Troutman”, Captain John Oravec

This week’s STREAM fishing report is from Ron Bierstine from Oak Orchard Tackle and Lodge, September 17, 2018.

So far, the area can’t catch much of a break for some consistent cool weather or precipitation or a good NW blow on the Lake. Winds are mostly light, E or SE making for mostly stalemate conditions. Forecast is for still warm temps thru the beginning part of this week and then cooler toward the mid and end of week. A chance of rain yet most of the remnants of Florence are forecast mostly south of the area. For now sporadic salmon action at the Oak river mouth and lower river by persistent casters. A few legit still fishermen and bobber drifters are now plying the migration routes or staging spots with eggs or skein. Usually greater concentrations of fish are required for good egg/skein success. A few casting anglers report some brown trout and steelhead hook ups. There are some anglers drifting the med to slightly high (reported) and mostly clear flows at the Waterport Dam. There are a few salmon there – the typical early fish that don’t linger downstream. Probably the only survivable coolish and oxygenated water is there at the dam. The other area smaller tributaries have mostly low and clear flows with probably scattered migrations and some salmon scouting those trib mouth and lower river areas in the low light or at night periods. Hopefully with some consistent cooler or wetter weather or favorable winds there will be more salmon near shore and river mouth and lower river staging action.

Provided by Ron Bierstine, Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge

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