Orleans County Fishing Report for September 11, 2018

This week’s LAKE fishing report is from Capt. John Oravec of Tightlines Charters, September 11, 2018.

This week we were blessed with two fisheries, both in shore with red hot action! Fishery #1: lots of anglers found a cooperative mixed bag of “feeder” kings, steelhead, Choo and rogue brown trout in the 90 to 130 ft. of water band (FOW). Many reported consistent spoon bite 50 to 70 ft down, 350 coppers and flasher “meat” rigs on 210 divers.

Fishery #2: Several charters (specifically Free Spirit, Rally Killer, Troutman 2, Pisces) moved east and up the ledge to 65 FOW and discovered dense mature kings. I have to say this inner ledge action rivaled the dodger crush of the 1980’s!!!

By 6:30 pm, my guys said “uncle”, worn out from hauling on screaming reel 20 pound class chinook. Many boats agreed that multiple hook ups were the norm and my boys scrambled during a 4 timer – all big, all runaway freight train fighting kings using custom “O” Frawg Northern King Spoons. By looking at the calendar, this schools depth (65 ft.), the pink belly on most of the fish and forecast for days of east winds, I expect these salmon are Oak Orchard River bound. (Pink belly kings indicate laying on bottom where chafing zebra mussels occurs.)

Expect big fish 10 to 40 FOW very soon! The forecast for the upcoming late week/weekend is for 80° weather and lighter winds so get ready with flasher fly combos, j plugs and screaming reels. The mature fish are in! Have fun, since the Orleans County Lake Ontario waters are, after all, “the Home of the King!”

T-Man out!

“Troutman”, Captain John Oravec
Tight Lines Charters
1857 Countyline Rd * Lyndonville, NY 14098
boat/mobile 585-590-2045

Capt. Johnny Oravec is a 43 year veteran Orleans County charter captain of the 33 foot Trojan the “Troutman 2”. Capt. Johnny has been helping Great Lakes anglers learn and develop fishing techniques by writing for the In Fisherman Magazine TV and Radio.

This week’s STREAM fishing report is from Ron Bierstine from Oak Orchard Tackle and Lodge, September 11, 2018.

Well, we got our change in the weather and on the cusp of that change before the Lake got too roiled up there were a few salmon hooked up at the Oak river mouth on Saturday and Sunday, Sept 8th and 9th. Some strong winds and cool if not cold water near shore have kept some guys at bay thru the start of this week. There was something like 1 – 2 inches of a nice soaking rain here on the Lake Plains thru Monday, Sept. 10th.

You’d be hard pressed to see much effect on tributary levels though since things were starting so low. But no doubt its cooled things down some and coupled with that previous mentioned wind, some salmon have come into the the lower Oak and maybe a few have fired all the way to the dam. The Lake has gotten so cold in the near shore waters from the most recent weather that it may have made a cold water “fence” that trout and salmon may not want to cross – for now. I haven’t seen any obvious concentrations of staged up salmon in the lower river typical spots just yet. Forecast is for a return to warmer temps and with some lakeshore prevailing westerly winds there should be a return to more typical staging fish movement.

Oak Orchard River mouth King, early Sep 2018

Provided by Ron Bierstine, Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge
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