Orleans County Fishing Report for October 1, 2019: Kings, Atlantics, Browns and Rainbows

This report is by Ron Bierstine from Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge on Tuesday, October 1, 2019:

Welcome to October – well by the calendar anyway.  By the weather and warm temps, it doesn’t feel much like October.  The forecast is for unseasonably warm today and through some of tomorrow and then a cool down.  Chance of rain or showers with that change in the weather tomorrow.  Any cooler and wetter weather would be a good thing to cool down both near the shore of Lake Ontario waters and the tributary waters.  So far, a continued medium – slow pick on the Kings with scattered numbers of fish spread are from the Lake to the dam.  Its been an apparent slow trickle of fish with no crashing or typical porpoising concentrations seen like at the Bridges or other areas.  Yet we know fish are moving through the Oak since there are fair numbers at the dam.  Other area smaller tributaries are reported to have some fish boiling in the estuary spots.  The Kings in the Lake that were scattered by earlier weather should be making their way back to the Oak plume so anglers should still expect Rivermouth action, especially with cooler weather.  Lower river traditional staging may be late or the fish may just motor through as has kind of been the changing MO these past few years.  Flows for now are low to moderate and pretty clear, reported by hydro managers to consist of the normal Erie Canal 24/7 supplemental feed.  Fishing pressure so far this week is not bad after a fairly sporty past weekend from free fishing days.  Along with the Kings, there have already been some browns and rainbows and Atlantics caught.  The browns are the early arriving big males and by the few Atlantics hooked already, we might expect better action yet to come later this fall.

Notes from the OC Tourism Team:

The St. Mary’s Archer’s Club is now open to the public (starting Sept. 30), serving breakfast and lunch daily.

St. Mary’s Archer’s Club Catch & Release Fly Fishing Contest is Oct 16, 17 & 18th.

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