Orleans County Fishing Report for November 27, 2018

This week’s STREAM fishing report is from Ron Bierstine from Oak Orchard Tackle and Lodge, November 27, 2018.

Thanks to rain yesterday/last night AND a return to above freezing temps AND a little bit of snow melt AND no more thirsty vegetation AND groundwater now reasonably recharged after the droughty summer/early fall – all the tributary flows are on the rise and off color. Flows in the Oak are slightly high consisting of turbine water with about 2 plus ft of visibility. Water color may get dirtier over the next day or two, but should stay short of getting muddy. Flows are pretty similar to the earlier fall flows we had during Erie Canal supplemental water feed. The other area smaller tributaries have slightly high and dirty flows with one ft or less of visibility. Any earlier icing conditions should be clear now with a forecast through at least this week and weekend showing no real good prospect of those icy conditions returning in the short term.

Smaller tributaries should be cresting about today and then slowly clearing and on the retreat. Flows in the Oak are likely to stay up as they are now through the week, give or take, depending upon hydro power operations or anymore precipitation. It’s a real nice, later fall fishing, good flow window to redistribute browns and draw in late fish and/or some more steelhead. Some of the zombie salmon should be flushed out too. No major lake effect snow (LES) forecast here, some wet snow with little to no accumulation expected today changing over to better chance at a few inches of accumulations Tuesday and Wednesday. Heavier accumulations are expected south of here. Fishing pressure has measurably decreased for the beginning part of this week thanks to the calendar and likely PA and OH big game season openers. Anglers should look for a mix of spawning and post spawn browns and some steelhead.

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