Orleans County Fishing Report for May 30, 2019

This week’s LAKE fishing report is by Capt. John Oravec, Tight Lines Charters, May 30, 2019.

Fish On! Man, the consistent king salmon action off the entire Orleans County ledges goes on and on!

Prime fish holding depth ranges widely from 40 to 150 feet of water. Get up and set your downriggers at 35 to 70 feet deep and get your fighting belt on. A number of riggings are getting hit including spoons, flasher/fly and “meat” rigs as I guide my charter groups.  It’s easy to see the recreational and charter boats are all getting hooked up.

Here is a tip for the many visiting recreational boat anglers to enhance your chances of even better catches. The currents along the inside water – really from Bald Eagle Harbor to Green Harbor, “Chrome Dome” – spread the schools of feeding salmonids literally over miles of flushable water. So, it’s best to spread out avoiding tight packs of boats. This way everybody has room to run their favorite long line rigs like copper and leadcore. Take note that a reel screaming 15 pound “teenager” Chinook hooked on a ten color leadcore line may be 700 feet away from the lucky boat!

The cooler than normal waters will keep fish inside of 2 miles so enjoy hunting these great fish safely. Note the NY State ramp is temporarily closed so focus your launching at the East Side Ramp adjacent to the Black North. See you on the hot Orleans County waters!

Troutman Clear!

Capt. Johnny Oravec

Notes from the OC Tourism Team

While the west side ramps are temporarily closed (at the Oak Orchard State Park), we are closely monitoring the east side boat ramps (OC Marine Park) with the high water levels. Our Buildings & Grounds crew are ready to make modifications to the docks if it’s warranted. We will keep you abreast of changes to the situation on Facebook, “At the Oak in Orleans County”.

The DEC delivered 16,835 brown trout yesterday (5/29) in Point Breeze (right). The good news was that the cormorants were not around to snatch them up! (Most likely due to the opaque water.)

Tomorrow is the deadline to enter the Oak Orchard Open tournament (May 31st) to be held June 8-9th. Register at https://greatlakesspecialevents.regfox.com/2019-orleans-county-open.

From Point Breeze on Lake Ontario, the World Fishing Network’s Ultimate Fishing Town USA and the rest of Orleans County, let’s make every day a great fishing day right here in Orleans County!

The Team at Orleans County Tourism