Orleans County Fishing Report for March 5, 2019

This week’s fishing report is from Ron Bierstine from Oak Orchard Tackle and Lodge, March 5, 2019.

Welcome back to winter! Weather conditions are more like what we might have expected a month or so ago then for March and heading into Spring. But alas – warmer temps are forecast toward the weekend! For now through the mid week, temperatures are unseasonably cold and dropping down at night with windy conditions today (Tuesday) and a chance for off and on snow tonight and tomorrow (Wednesday). Forecast is for any significant accumulations mostly south of the area. There’s about 6 plus inches of windblown snow and ice here on the Lake Plain and more in protected spots.

Flows have all gone on a quick drop thanks to the return of cold and snow. Didn’t think it would happen but most of the drifts on the smaller waterways are iced back up under low and clear flows. On the Oak the downstream slow water has mostly closed back in frozen and upstream flows are open at low to moderate and clear.

A handful of guys were on the water Tuesday. Steelhead migrations are probably in a sort of stall mode. Residents either dropped back or are holed up at the dam and few deeper holes. Look for a quick perk in the action on the next warming trend with a return to better flows that don’t blow out anyway. It’s probably a good time to look to the big waters like the “Genny” or Niagara for action now while the small and mid-sized tributaries are low and clear.

Provided by Ron Bierstine, Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge

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