Orleans County Fishing Report for April 23, 2019

This week’s STREAM fishing report is from Ron Bierstine from Oak Orchard Tackle and Lodge, Tues., Apr. 23, 2019.

There’s a good head of turbine water in the Oak with diminished overflow water after the previous weekend rains. Look for slightly high and stained flows with about 1 – 2 ft of visibility; dropping toward medium and clearing if there is no more significant precipitation. Nice spring temps around 50 – 60°F but dropping down at night are forecast through the week so no great quick water temperature spike is expected in the near future.

April so far couldn’t be better for prolonging the Oak steelhead action. Water temps are right around 50°F and look for warming through the 50’s this week. Fishing pressure for trib guys is light and so likewise are any resultant reports. Through the past weekend with higher and dirtier flows guys on the Oak did report good steelhead action. No doubt fish are now redistributed back through the turbine channel and probably some are holed back up in the refuge spots on the overflow channel. Anglers should find a mix of spawners and drop backs and fresh fish while the water temps still remain on the cool side of spring warm up. Lots of suckers and a few bass are in the mix now too and small jack feisty steelhead.

The other area smaller tributaries have medium flows and slightly stained water color. Those waterways will be warmer than the Oak with probably scattered upstream chances at a few steelhead or browns.

Near shore, big Lake O is simple spread trolling for mostly browns and a few salmon thrown in has been good when guys target the 40°ish F green water. When wind and waves cooperate, the pier head and land lubber casters or small boat guys are also into fish and looking for that slight chop and cooperative winds for slightly stained water.