Orleans County Fishing Report for April 16, 2019

This week’s STREAM fishing report is from Ron Bierstine from Oak Orchard Tackle and Lodge, Tues., Apr. 16, 2019.

Thanks to the rain toward the end of the weekend through early Monday, flows in the Oak and other area smaller tributaries are back up.  There are real nice conditions to help preserve the steelhead action and maybe draw in some more fresh fish.  Flows in the Oak are slightly high with what looks like a good head of turbine water.  There has been no overflow water and water color is stained at about 2 ft of visibility that may get a little dirtier through today.  Seasonably cool temps are in the forecast today and tomorrow with warmer temps and a chance of more precipitation by the end of week.  Look for flows to hang in around high–ish – or go higher if there is anymore significant precipitation.

Water temps are flirting with 50°F but cold nights have stalled the rising temperatures for now in the high 40’s°F.  By the end of the week and weekend with warmer weather, sun and dark water, look for a rise in water temps probably into the 50’s.

Guys are into good steelhead action on mostly spawning and staged/dropback fish and some fresh fish.  Light to moderate fishing pressure has allowed the few persistent anglers to take advantage of the good flows and stay on the fish now later in the season for mid April and likely through the end of April.  The other area smaller tribs have medium to slightly high and dirty flows.  Those flows should be crested and on the retreat now at least before there is anymore significant precipitation.  There is mixed bag action all around – mid sized tribs like the Oak or Burt are hanging on to steelhead with a few fresh fish thrown in. The Niagara and bar are coming into its own now with spring warm up and the near shore big Lake O small boat trolling or casting action is productive when wind and waves cooperate.

This week’s LAKE Fishing Report is by Capt. John Oravec, Tight Lines Charters, Tues., Apr. 16, 2019:

What happened to Spring? This week the south shore shallow of Lake Ontario was stirred to mud by cold fronts and rough water. Yours truly has seen over 44 such Spring seasons so in lieu of glowing catch reports, how about Plan B! When faced with chocolate water, troll north seeking the milky green edge switching to downriggers, leadcore, divers and a slow spoon program. Seek out the 40 to 80 foot drop off and tune in your fish finder looking for Lake trout and kings.

Plan C is to carry a stream combo with a simple kit of terminal tackle, a pair of waders and head for the Oak where steelhead are available.

Myself, I am making good brown trout catches on live minnows drift fishing at the Niagara River where the waters are clear. So there you go!

By being versatile, well equipped and ambitious, any visiting fishermen can score a catch when the skinny waters inside 15 feet are unfishable! Part of making the most of your visits to Orleans County is knowledge. Now you have it! See you on the Water! Troutman out!

Pen Rearing at the Oak
NY DEC delivered 90,590 Chinook salmon and 10,000 steelhead to pens at Ernst’s Lake Breeze Marina Monday, 4/8/19. They will be penned for approximately 3 weeks before they are released into the lake.

If you are a charter captain or guide fishing in Orleans County and would like to provide us with a fishing report, please contact [email protected].

From Point Breeze on Lake Ontario, the World Fishing Network’s Ultimate Fishing Town USA and the rest of Orleans County, let’s make every day a great fishing day right here in Orleans County!

The Team at Orleans County Tourism