Orleans County Fishing Report

This week’s fishing report is from Capt. John Oravec of Tightlines Charters, August 14, 2018.

It is the “high season” off the Oak for Lake Ontario salmonid sportfishing and the fleet is crushing quality silver fish in many areas! Fishermen, Fisherwomen and especially Fisherkids are seeing ACTION from 200-550 ft of water, running spoon programs 45 to 75 ft. down.

The big northeast winds early Thursday rolled cold water onto the ledges raising the thermocline to 30 ft inside of the 100 ft hump. Capt Mike Grager and son Jason made a great read hitting a 14# + football brown which is leading the Albion Rotary Derby in the Brown Trout division!

A couple tips from CJO: upcoming #1 strategy this week is to try and fan out setting up off Johnson Creek or Shadigee westbound or the “Little Flats” to Bald Eagle Harbor to the east. There is a river off good fishing, water flowing past Orleans County. The fleet is here because yes, fish concentrations are wonderful but also Orleans County merchants offer services like lodging, tackle, dining and marina support, boat ramps for the complete fishing trip package, not to mention a savvy fleet of charter boats!

See you out there!

Captain John Oravec
Tight Lines Charters
1857 Countyline Rd * Lyndonville, NY 14098
boat/mobile 585-590-2045

Capt Johnny Oravec is a 43 year veteran Orleans County charter captain of the 33 foot Trojan the “Troutman 2”. Capt Johnny has been helping Great Lakes anglers learn and develop fishing techniques by writing for the In Fisherman Magazine TV and Radio.

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From Point Breeze on Lake Ontario, the World Fishing Network’s Ultimate Fishing Town USA and the rest of Orleans County, let’s make every day a great fishing day right here in Orleans County!