Orleans County Fishing Report

Today is Tuesday, April 10, 2018. This week’s fishing report is from Ron Bierstine at Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge:

“Finally some weather this week feeling a little more like spring! Forecast is for warming temps in the 40’s – 50’s°F thru the week with chance of showers on and off. Look for warming water temps and definitely an acceleration of steelhead spawning and spring migrations.

“For now, with plenty of previous cold temps and high water, temps in the Oak have not moved much through the 40’s, but look for quickly rising temps through the 40’s and likely into the 50’s°F now sooner then later. By steelhead standards the flows are real nice at slightly high and stained with about 1 – 2 feet of visibility. There’s plenty of water and stain for cover for fish to be any place they want to be in the river. Look for most consistent action downstream of the dam around post spawn dropback spots or gravel where they are spawning.

“Fresh fish could arrive to the party at any time and go right to gravel – so action right at the dam may be slowing for steelhead. Some suckers are reported and look for more of those rubber lips going forward. Even a few smallmouth are in the mix now too.

“Fishing pressure has been real lite. Today, with a handful of anglers out, most are reporting at least a couple of hook-ups on a morning’s effort. The other area smaller tributaries are hanging on probably to the last of the decent action now and before water temps spike up high on medium and slightly stained flows.

“Small boat trollers and land lubber casters had been on hold through the past week or so due to the cold and windy weather. With stable wind and near shore water conditions and warming weather ahead, look for good action again. Fish as soon as you can now to take advantage of the spring time cool conditions before tributary and lakeshore water temps warm too much sending the steelhead and browns back to deeper big lake O waters!”

Click on this link to follow Ron’s report that he updates several times per week.

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