Orleans County Fishing Report

Today is Tuesday, March 13, 2018. This week’s fishing report is from Ron Bierstine at Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge:

“It looks like the end of the past weekend’s reduction in flows was a temporary thing. For now, flows are back to the pretty nice medium or medium+ level. Water color is pretty clear at 3′ or so of visibility. I cannot say for sure what our friends at the Waterport hydro may do for flows thru this week. With any luck, they should hang in at least and until there may be a rise in flows with the next warm up. Forecast is for low 30’s°F through the week with a chance for snow showers today and maybe a few inches area wide snow Wednesday.

“Weekend temps may be in the 40’s°F. Once again no significant impact expected here in WNY from the latest Nor’easter. The past storms haven’t kept the steelhead away for sure but it has probably kept some anglers away. (Remember, take with a grain of salt any downstate or out of state doomsday LESnow forecasts, they’re usually way off base!)

“Fishing pressure remains overall pretty light on the Oak Orchard. Float drifters, fly swingers and bottom bouncers have all had their days with hook ups. Is it as easy for hook ups as 2 weeks or so ago when the flows were up and stained and most all the fish were fresh? Probably not, but there’s still plenty of action for good drifts over a days effort. As the flows are now, fresh fish could still trickle in anytime. Most spawning in the Oak seems stalled thanks to colder water temps again. Soon enough more fish will be back on the gravel with warming temps that should also bring in the spring fish and make for warmer water and hotter fish action thru the end of March and beginning of April.

“In the other area smaller tributaries, flows are moderate – medium and mostly clear where a fair amount of spawning has already happened. Look for a perk up in the action there with the next rise in flows on warming water temps. Although Lake Ontario conditions look pretty good with inviting green water near casting range and in range of small boat trollers, there doesn’t seem to be many eager takers for the cold temps and winds!”

Click on this link to follow Ron’s report that he updates several times per week.