Orleans County Fishing Report

This week’s fishing report is from Ron Bierstine at Oak Orchard Tackle & Lodge, 2/21/18:

“Flows go up, flows go down, flows go back up… Thanks to rain yesterday with unseasonable warm temps, all the tributary flows are high and dirty and headed shortly probably to blown and dirty. Thanks to last week ending with a couple days of cold temps, flows had actually retreated quicker than anticipated and offered a decent fishable window thru the past weekend on falling and clearing flows. There was some on and off steelhead action and anglers had hook-ups on the smaller tributaries too.

“The forecast is for warm temps thru the mid week and another chance for precipitation today. After this week, all the tributary courses’ ice should be moved out and probably the ice cover on Lake Alice (aka Waterport Pond). Look for rising tributary water temperatures now, at least in the short term and, if any seasonal cool weather doesn’t return.

“Flows in the Oak are nearly blown and stained with probably a foot or so of visibility. There are lots of turbine and overflow water and overflow levels may increase and water color will get dirtier. There are still guys on the waterway today with unknown success. The other area smaller tributaries are blown and dirty. Look for those smaller waterways to be on the mend toward some state of reasonable fishing by the end of the week. Dirty and high water color is likely to hang in for a bit on the Oak with no great cool down in sight and lots of upstream supply. Some steelhead should be well distributed on the backside of some of the highest flows we’ve had in a while.”

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The Team at Orleans County Tourism