Orleans County Fishing Report

Today is Wednesday July 26, 2017.

Just when everyone thought that Mother Nature was going to calm down a bit, she threw us another curve, this time with the wind.

Yesterday ended up being a blow off day just when the off-shore bite was really coming into its own.

It’s strange how the close to shore bite was mainly on either meat rigs or some type of flasher/fly combination and yet the off-shore bite has been mainly on spoons.

Today will be everyone back in the search mode, trying to figure out where they went and what to use.

The LOC Summer Derby wraps up this Sunday, July 30th, so there’s still time to enter and claim your portion of that big pile of cash that’s up for grabs.

August is always a busy month on Lake Ontario, especially in Orleans County, with the Orleans County Rotary Fishing derby taking place from August 5th to the 20th this year.

The Fall LOC Derby follows which runs from August 18th through September 4th.

And let’s not forget the Greater Niagara Fish Odyssey running from August 19th to the 27th this year.

Throw in the 3rd leg of the King of the Oak Derby on August19th and you have a very busy month.

On Lake Alice muddy water is finally starting to clear which should start improving the catches.

From Point Breeze on Lake Ontario, the World Fishing Network’s Ultimate Fishing

Town USA and the rest of Orleans County, let’s make everyday a great fishing day

right here in Orleans County.