Orleans County Fi Reportshing

Today is Wednesday January 25, 2017.

We are in the midst of another reprieve from old man winter, at least for another day or two.

The smaller tributaries within Orleans County are at higher and muddier conditions due to the warmer temperatures and rain/snow that we have had in the last day or two.

Conditions on the upper portion of the “Oak” from the dam to just before Marsh Creek offer some good opportunities for some steelhead action and even a few brown trout have been taken.

All of the live baits and even some of the more popular flies are being used.

The lower portion of the “Oak”, from Marsh Creek north, is displaying muddy conditions but that should only last for a day or two.

Lake Alice is open in some areas and very thin ice covering in others, so it is totally unusable for right now.

With temperatures dropping below freezing again in the very near future, be mindful of ice buildup along the banks of our tributaries.

This weekend I will be attending the New York Sportsman’s Expo in Syracuse so if you’re in the area stop by and chat for awhile.

From Point Breeze on Lake Ontario, the World Fishing Network’s Ultimate Fishing Town USA and the rest of Orleans County, Let’s make everyday a great fishing day right here in Orleans County.