Niagara Falls USA Fishing Forecast for May 31, 2018 from Destination Niagara USA

After a bit of northeast wind, Lake Ontario saw fish scatter. Yes, fishing suddenly became a bit more difficult after a month that was often spectacular. The tough conditions can only mean one thing – the Greater Niagara Pro-Am Tournament must be here! When the contest is in May or June, it seems like when the tournament shows up the fishing changes, almost on cue. Set for June 1-2 out of Wilson and Olcott, this year will see 43 boats plying the waters in search of salmon and trout. In the meantime, despite the tougher conditions, the Buffalo Sabres Alumni Charity Fishing Outing went off without a hitch on Wednesday and plenty of fish were caught by the 22 boats who participated. The largest fish weighed in was “only” a 17-plus pound salmon hauled in by Bob McManigle of North Tonawanda while fishing with Jonathan Ross of the Tomahawk boat. Second place was a 16-plus pound king, reeled in by Bill Santana of Wilson while fishing with Capt. Matt Yablonsky aboard the Wet Net. At least, those were the ones weighed in. Capt. Joe Kyle of Onacona Charters had a Sabres Alumni group that decided a fish pushing 18 pounds wouldn’t make the cut so they released it. They lost out on a $550 cash prize! Many of the fish were found up higher in the water column and the winning fish came 37 feet down on a slider. They were using a homemade green magnum spoon. When the wind moves the water around, those fish can be almost anywhere and many boats opted to head out deep to search out pods of salmon and trout. We’ll have a full recap for you on the tournament next week. In the lower Niagara River, there are still steelhead and lake trout hanging around if you want to fish a minnow or run a Kwikfish off of a three-way rig. Of course, you will also catch other fish species like bass, walleye, silver bass or just about anything that swims in those waters. You can fish from shore in the gorge, too, such as off of the NYPA fishing platform. Along Artpark, there has been good action on silver bass with small jigs and spinners. Upper Niagara River action for bass has been decent but you must use artificial baits if you are targeting bass. Mike Rzucidlo of Niagara Falls is still doing well on northern pike in the upper river tossing jigs and plugs at those fish. It’s National Fishing and Boating Week June 2nd through the 10th, a nationwide celebration of these popular outdoor pastimes. At the top of the list for Saturday June 2, the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge will be hosting a Kids Fishing Derby from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Ringneck Marsh along Oak Orchard Ridge Road. Call 585-948-5445 for more information. At the tail end of National Fishing and Boating Week, June 9th will be a Kids fishing derby at West Canal Marina Park, Pendleton from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Get out there and enjoy yourself!