Cayuga County Fishing Report for August 25 – September 1, 2017

The fishing report below is made available from the Central New York Fishing Hotline for August 25 through September 1 at Please visit that site for more information or to follow links.

A number of county web sites offer good information on fishing in the region, including bait shops, guides, etc. A few examples are: Onondaga County (; Oswego County (; and Wayne County ( Oswego and Wayne counties also have a weekly fishing hotline on their web page as well.

April 1st was the start of the new Freshwater Fishing Regulation Guide, April 1, 2017-March 31, 2018. You can obtain a copy from a licensing agent or view it at Summary of Freshwater Fishing Regulations.

Region 7:

Lake Ontario

Strong winds during the week have made getting out difficult at times. Salmon are moving shallower and are being found in 100 to 150 feet of water. Chinook salmon fishing continues to be very good with flasher and flies producing the most action, but cut-bait is also working. J-plugs usually become productive as we get closer to September as well. Green and white continue to be good colors. Try for smallmouth bass in 20 feet of water with crayfish, tube jigs or drop-shot rigs.

Cayuga Lake

Keep an eye out for weed mats and other debris, as they have been an issue for some anglers when trolling. Fleas have also been a nuisance for some anglers when trolling. Sometimes using a heavier pound monofilament helps to avoid some of the fleas, as does trolling with lines that don’t run straight “up and down”, as lines fished off downriggers do. Instead try trolling with wire and Dipsey’s, or copper. Vertical jigging is also another option if fleas get too bad. Anglers continue to have good luck catching lake trout either trolling or vertical jigging. Trolling 60 to 90 feet down over 120 to 240 foot of water has been a good starting point as has vertical jigging in 85 to 105 feet.

Skaneateles Lake

Trolling 40 to 50 feet down over 60 to 80 foot of water with small spoons is working for lake trout and an occasional rainbow trout. Look for smallmouth bass in 15 to 35 feet of water on perch colored Rapalas, tube baits, drop-shots, topwaters, and wacky rigged stickworms (Senko style baits). Rock bass should be biting in the same areas and on the same baits.

Owasco Lake

Weed mats and fleas are making trolling difficult at times (see Cayuga Lake above for tips on fleas). Lake trout are being taken 80 to 100 feet down on spoons or flasher and flies. A few rainbow trout are also being caught 40 to 60 feet down over the same depths.

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