Just Another Perfect Day

OSWEGO COUNTY, NY — ‘Just Another Perfect Day’ is the name of the boat that Captain Bob Lee has skippered for the last 14 of his 22 years as a charter captain out of Mexico, NY, but Bob would have never guessed that this last minute trip in his last year on Lake Ontario would turn out like this.

Relished by working men and women and dreaded by school children, Labor Day Weekend holds a different meaning for each of us depending on our own unique circumstances.  For many years it was celebrated with parades, picnics and parties as America’s workers enjoyed a long weekend in their honor and for many it still holds that significance.  For school-aged children in many parts of the country it means that the joys of summer will soon be replaced by 40-pound book-bags and hours of homework.  But in marina communities along the southern and eastern shore of Lake Ontario, it suggests that the fall salmon season is just around the corner.  Labor Day Weekend of 2008 is one that Captain Bob and a young mother of four from Syracuse, NY will not soon forget.

Like many families throughout America, Mike and Kristy St. Louis budget carefully each and every week of the year as they work to maintain their household, set some money aside for their children’s education and hopefully, at the end of each week, there is still a little bit left over for their vacation fund.  Vacation for Mike and Kristy this year meant camping with their three boys, Kody, Kaleb and Austin at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Campground in nearby Mexico.  Owned and operated by Ed and Barb Lighthall, Jellystone offers a family environment with plenty of activities for the boys. Given that this was their first time out with their newly acquired 30-foot Traillite camper, they thought that it would be the perfect spot for a relaxing week camping

Less than an hour from home and nestled along the Little Salmon River, Jellystone turned out to be just what Mike and Kristy were looking for and by their sixth day at the park, they had explored most of what the Lighthalls had to offer.  The seventh day, however, was way beyond their imagination.  

Chance Encounter with Charter Captain